How big of a David Bowie fan are you?

While there have been many amazing performers since rock's inception, few artists have shaped pop culture so significantly as David Bowie in his 40+ years of creative efforts. Given Bowie's timelessness and continuous relevance to not only the music industry, but to popular art as whole, there is little wonder that he garnishes so much respect and admiration from both his fans and his peers alike. This Bowie quiz is intended to allow YOU to showcase your knowledge of the greatest musical performer of modern day.

So, you think you're a Bowie fan? Be aware that familiarity with Bowie's discography won't be enough to win you favorable results! This Bowie Quiz is specifically designed for the true fan...a fan of the music, its meaning and inspiration, the film experiences, Bowie's personal accomplishments, and personal, yet relevant, relations. Only through your success in my labyrinth of Bowie facts will you find your ultimate prize...

Created by: tah

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  1. What was David Bowie's given name at birth?
  2. In what year was David Bowie born?
  3. With which celebrity does David Bowie share a birthday?
  4. Which of these famous guitarists was a childhood friend/schoolmate of David Bowie's?
  5. Which of David Bowie's eyes is permanently dilated?
  6. David Bowie was the founder of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-Haired Men.
  7. What was the name of David Bowie's first single release?
  8. Which was David Bowie's first US #1 hit?
  9. Who is the only fashion model to be featured on the cover of a David Bowie album?
  10. Which member of the Beatles co-wrote the US hit "Fame"?
  11. David Bowie formed his own mime troupe in 1969.
  12. David Bowie appeared in which of the following films?
  13. David Bowie was knighted in 2003 by British Queen.
  14. Which of these artists died shortly after releasing his final single --a duet with David Bowie?
  15. Which of David Bowie's albums features a song performed in a completely self-invented language?
  16. What is the name of David Bowie's very own internet service provider?
  17. To which band did David Bowie offer a career-saving single he'd written?
  18. According to David Bowie, which of these artists was the main inspiration for "Ziggy Stardust"?
  19. What was the name of the hard-rocking quartet David Bowie formed in 1989 and sang lead vocals for?
  20. In what year did David Bowie undergo emergency heart surgery?
  21. Who is said to have inspired such tracks as, "Aladin Sane", "All the Madmen", "The Bewlay Brothers", and "Jump They Say"?
  22. Which is a best guess for the total number of albums David Bowie has sold over his career?
  23. Nile Rodgers auditioned for David Bowie in 1975, but didn't make the band.
  24. At David Bowie's suggestion, fans voted via phone to request the songs they most wanted to hear during his 1990 Tour. Which of these songs was most requested?
  25. With which of these bands did David Bowie perform during Fashion Rocks in September 2005?

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Quiz topic: How big of a David Bowie fan am I?