Do you have ODD? (obsessive david disorder)

David Archuleta is a contestant on American Idol Season 7. It is obvious that this 17 year old is extremely talented and adorable, but how much do you really know about him?

Take this quiz to find out if you have the new disease sweeping the nation: ODD (otherwise known as Obsessive David (Archuleta) Disorder). Take this quiz, and go back to my fanspace to let me know what you thought of the quiz!

Created by: Kristen

  1. What color are David's Eyes?
  2. What two songs did David sing during Hollywood Week? (in order)
  3. How many sisters does David have?
  4. What is David's birthday?
  5. What musical inspired David to sing?
  6. How many David Archuleta songs are able for download? (songs only, not videos, pictures, etc.)
  7. What is David's favorite candy?
  8. What is David's "fan" group?
  9. David's favorite color is..
  10. David has...

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Quiz topic: Do I have ODD? (obsessive david disorder)