The JDSVProductions Personality Quiz

We all want to be famous, powerful, or rich at a young age. But people like Noah, Stephen, John David, and Jackson are stuck with doing a webshow. You probably can't. Which is why you are taking this quiz. Are you Noah, Stephen, Jackson, or John David?

In the webshow business, would you be Noah, a star, Stephen, another star, John David, a producer, or Jackson, a commonly appearing guest? Now you, the FAN can be one of them...

Created by: The JD

  1. You and your friends go to a pizza buffet. What do you get.
  2. Someone offers you DRUGS. What do you say?
  3. Your best bud dies, you_____
  4. Your favorite soda is_____
  5. What is your most prized possession?
  6. What most relates to your grades?
  7. Your favorite season is_______
  8. How do you work with money?
  9. What is your catch phrase?
  10. What is your future career?

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