What Element Are You?

There are many different personalities, but few people know what their personality is like. Chinese philosophers believed every personality could be linked with one of five natural elements. Take this quiz to find out which you are linked to. WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL or, WATER

Get into your element. Which element are you? What personality traits like you to which element. Do you have the right personality to qualify for a certain element? Until now you could only wonder. Now take the quiz and find out.

Created by: bre
  1. If you worked in a tv studio, you would most likely be:
  2. When turning channels, which show always makes you stop and watch?
  3. If your best friends had to describe you with only one word, which would they choose?
  4. You'd feel most relaxed and happy in which environment?
  5. You find a hundred-dollar bill on the street. You:
  6. It's winter break. Which class's extra credit work would you do?
  7. Which color do you like the most?
  8. Pick the one you like:
  9. Pick a planet
  10. Would you rather:

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Quiz topic: What Element am I?