Does he like you?

Hello, so I created this quiz, so you girls, would know if your crush or just some other person likes you, I tried to make it accurate and I hope I succeeded and you all will like it :)

I know when you have a crush, you are always confused if he likes you back, I've been in this situation for many times and I finally figured out how guys act when they like you! So take this quiz and if you will be honest, you should get the right answer :)

Created by: LoveFairy xd

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  1. So, how much you two talk?
  2. Does he smile when he's near you or when he walks through you?
  3. Does he have a girlfriend?
  4. Who starts conversation?
  5. Do he lean forwards to you when you talk?
  6. Does he stare at you?
  7. Does he tease you?
  8. Does his pupils dilate when he looks at you?
  9. How well he knows you?
  10. Do he try to touch you?
  11. Does he treat you differently you than other girls?
  12. Do he get more silent when you two are alone?
  13. Do you think he likes you? Be honest :x
  14. Does it look like he tries to be near you as much as he can?
  15. Do he look more happy when you are near?
  16. Does he raise his eyebrows when he looks at you or talks to you?
  17. Well, that's all, I'm sorry that it was long and maybe boring, but it's only for your own good, because I wanted it to be more accurate and so you would know if he really likes you :)

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