How big or how small is your girl belly

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Where I got the pictures form is deviart. I screenshot them. Yeah now you can know what the girl in GTA v in the bikini would look like if she got fat and fatter. Tell me which one you like the skinny one, the chubby, and the obese one which I wish was my girlfriend she likes good obese.

This test well show you how fat you like your girls. I like my big and round or chubby. They look cute and fun to be around be they like to get bigger and bigger everyday.

Created by: Michaelhardeman

  1. Is she thin or thick?
  2. How meal per day does she?
  3. Let's pretend that you feed your girl until she bloats and her pants rip every time she bloats herself. What do you do?
  4. Your girl got a big belly that jiggles everywhere What do you do?
  5. When you get home and you get your girl a tub of ice cream. Have many tubs of ice cream does she eat?
  6. Your girl is a ton. She weights a ton now . what are you going to do .
  7. Do you like big girl that have big bellies
  8. Do you want your girl have trouble walking or not?
  9. You cooked a chocolate cake and put fat or weight gainer in the cake. She eat all of it. Her belly started to get bigger and bigger. What do you do?
  10. Your girl wants to gain some weight to became immobile. What well you do
  11. Your girl wants to gain some weight to became immobile. What well you do

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Quiz topic: How big or how small is my girl belly