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I got this idea from Angelic. Thanks to her for it. So... yeah. This really isn't a quiz- there's no real result. Just for those dear to me to hear what I have to say about them.

If I forgot you, I apologize. I don't think I forgot anyone who really means much to me... but if I did, I'm gonna feel super guilty. Like... really..

Created by: The Coldest Sun of this site
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  1. Alrighty then. This should be interesting. You ready?
  2. Selena. You, I believe, were my first friend. You thought I was a boy to start, and apparently, that I was crazy. So what if I was hating on humankind? Did I not back up each of my points? Anyway.. I love our little inside jokes- they're fun to try and keep track of. You've been nice to me this whole time, even when I was acting like a moron. (Like always, but magnified.) Thanks for being an awesome friend. Oh.. and Cheshire says hi to you and Moose.
  3. Takos. My second friend, I believe. You've remained kind to me for a very long time, as well. There are just some people who are born nice- you seem to be one of them. It's always fun talking to you, and watching you converse with Selena. You two have some very interesting conversations, you know.
  4. Biance. You're certainly an interesting person. You were by the far the most constructive debater on my humankind hatred thread. I don't see you very much anymore, but I do want to thank you for knowing what you're talking about. You gave me hope for your race of humans. Some of you are actually very intelligent!
  5. Heph. I've only just recently really started talking to you. You and each of your many split personalities. I like how you play them each out like that- it's more art than anything else. It honestly feels like a different person every time. Also, because of this little game you seem to love, Cheshire was brought about. He's fun to mess with, so I have you to thank for that, too. I appreciate your willingness to take part in my soaps, and the fact that you actually know how to type. I'm proud to call myself your demon butler.
  6. Alana. I don't know you very well yet, either. It made me so happy that you would soap with me, too. As you know, there aren't many good soapers left on GTQ. I'm proud to say you're one of the few remaining.
  7. Mo-senpai. Still haven't gotten to know you very well, even having looked at most of the threads you post while I'm online. Those are usually pretty interesting to read. I thought for the longest time that you hated me, and I apologize for that. You're an intelligent person who demands respect. I admire you for that. Cuss words and all. x3 You really are nice when you're not irritated. Thanks for not getting fed up with me. You know you're awesome, cuz Cheshire loves you.
  8. Teresa. You've been increasingly harder to talk to lately. It makes me sad... a lot of your threads seem to be about your sorrow. I like it when you're happy- you're a nice person. I hope to talk to you more.
  9. Ozzy. I really don't know you well. I know we've spoken every now and then, but not in depth. You seem like an interesting person- and one that always seems to have hilarious pictures to post. Those are always fun to look at. Hope to get to know you better, too.
  10. Viktor. Never see you anymore! But you were always nice, fun to talk to. That one soap I did with you was... interesting, to say the least. You're good at it, and that made me happy. Hm.. You need to be on when I am more often. I'd like to talk to you more.
  11. Dragon. Dude! Half of the people I think are good people, I hardly talk to. You, for instance. You were afraid of Cheshire.. (Cheshire: Fail. ^-.-^) And I recall having done a soap with you once, I believe. Other than those, the most prominent memories I have of you would be of a guy you made... Wolf, I believe? Hm. My memory sucks. Sorry.
  12. L. I know you best for your most common gretting: ............... Yeah. The acursed dots. That's you. But you're fun to talk to regardless. And sugar-obsessed. Wondering still if you ever caught Kira? I certainly hope you didn't die..
  13. Beyond. The bloodied version of L. My scarlet speckled friend! What can I say? You're certainly an interesting person. I don't know you well. Maybe we can mend that sometime?
  14. Carri. Thanks again for drawing that awesome picture for me. I love you forever for that! You're an amazing artist, and a really nice person. I don't think I've talked to you much, but maybe we can talk more?
  15. Fire. You're just an all around awesome person. You're super nice, and your soul isn't mean, either. I rather enjoyed it's stay at my place. Despite it's over-fondness for horror movies. Thanks for being nice to me, like many here have. It makes me happy knowing that so many nice people exist in the world. I'm glad to be your friend.
  16. Zero. I don't hear from you much anymore, but I know you're there. I liked talking to you. You have a very complex personality, and I keep wanting to assure that you're not hurting yourself. I don't like it when you're sad. You're one of those friends you want to protect, you know?
  17. Beast. Don't know you too well, but Cheshire seems rather fond of you. Good to know. You brought him those nice gifts, tried to scare him with a rottweiler, attmepted once more to scare him with a hellhound, then smoothed it over with cat toys and mice. Good job. Hope to talk to you more.
  18. Mandy. I don't talk to you much anymore, either. But I used to all the time, and I miss that. You're a nice person, and one who would make a very good friend. I hope to speak with you more, as well.
  19. Smart. You seem to be an interesting person. With an unnatural liking for Shrek, but an interesting person, nonetheless. You spoke to me when I didn't approach you, showing much more bravery than others I know. I hope to get to know you better, as well.
  20. Vege. You also drew a very nice picture for me, for which I must thank you again. You people make me so jealous with your skills where I am talentless. :P Anyway, I like your character. You are a loyal person, which you have demonstrated through many times standing by your friends. That also gives me hope for your race. So nice to see people with real character. I hope to get to know you better.
  21. Ana. We still have that soap to start. xD You have actual writing skills, again one of the few users who do. I don't know you wel either, but peoples' abilities to type with actual structure tells a lot about their character. Hope to talk to you more.
  22. Light. I thoroughly enjoyed eating your Death Note. Nuff said.
  23. Phoenix. Haven't spoken to you a lot, but one thing is evident- you have a respect for language. And therefore, I respect you.
  24. Cheshire, this was bound to happen. I finally let you get an account, and everyone loves you more than they loved me now. It's really quite sad.. But you are pretty frikkin' cute.
  25. That's all I've got. Hope I didn't forget anyone. ;~;
  26. Nikki. I did one soap with you, but I think you were probably the best partner I have ever soaped with. No offense to anyone else, but she's really awesome at soaping. :3

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