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I made one of these before, although that was quite some time ago. Like... months ago. It doesn't seem that long ago to me, but when I read through it...

Well, as you might imagine, a lot of the entries are very outdated. I've made new friends, new memories, gotten to know some people so much better... If I love you, you should be here. If I forgot you, I'm gonna feel horrible.

Created by: The Coldest Sun

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  1. Firstly, Sissi. No matter how many times I say this, it won't be enough. You are absolutely the best sister I could have hoped for. My blood sisters don't care about me half as much as you do. They wouldn't stay by me, deal with my irritability, and my overall bad nature.. But you do. You've always been there. Even when I'm unreasonable and ridiculous, you've always remained loyal to me, always looking out for me. Thank you so much for that. I still can't think of anything bad to say about you. Imagine that. After the licking, the rape, and the constant emotional torment of all my OC's, you still mean so much to me. Truly, you are an epic potato, Sissi.
  2. Next up, Niecey~ I am truly disappointed with myself for what I wrote about you on my last quiz. I hardly knew you then, but we've gotten so much closer since then. You are a beautiful girl, and an extremely intelligent person. And with a very high tolerance for stupidity. x3 It makes me so proud to see you standing strong against the things that trouble you, and it makes me want to cut a bitch everytime I hear someone was mean to you. It gives me hope for humanity to see you, still so young, already so mature and responsible, with an understanding of the world and of the people in it. You are an outstanding friend and niece, and I never want that to go away. I'm so happy we've gotten so close. It has been an honor trying your nerves and getting you hooked on anime.
  3. Mia-sissi. >:I Where have you been? I know a while ago you said you were leaving, but you resurfaced a while after. Now I hardly see you. e~e Come onnnn. Remember when we were kittens? When we'd frolic through the meadow together and play with balls of yarn and rape the mailman? .............Okay, so maybe some of that stuff didn't happen. But we could do that~ Okay, let's see here. I love how beautifully random you are. x3 And at the same time, very kind and supportive. You know when to transition between play and seriousness, and I love that about you. I'm also still very grateful to you for being one of the first to ever care about me. Mari lurves you, child~
  4. Fire-chan, I haven't seen you much lately, either. Do I need to steal your soul again just to make you come and talk to me for a while? You're like.. I don't know, there's three people I seem to recall from my Gotoquiz childhood, and that's you, Sissi, and Mia-sissi. I have this image of the four of us all arm in arm skipping through a battlefield raining blood and rainbows all over the place. Therefore, you are my childhood friend, and I need you to be on when I am more often so we can build more beautiful memories. :3 Kay? Kay. I love you, too~
  5. Mo-senpai. I said this in my last one, but I'm serious. You scared the shit out of me when I was a newb. I guess I must not have been quite that bad though, since you never really seemed too angry at me. I'm glad I got over feeling like you'd hate me, because I'm really happy to be your friend now. See, you're really cool because you're strong enough to tell the truth, no matter who you're talking to. Some may call it harsh, but it just seems to me that you can stand up for yourself and those you care about, and that, to me, is just completely epic. I love the beautiful pictures and videos you post- I've found a few songs and people I've grown quite fond if because of it- and I don't care if the children wanna shield their eyes and cry satan. You're a beautiful person, and you don't take shit from anyone. I have endless respect for you, Senpai. Thank you for being lovely. :3
  6. NUMERO SIX. Milady. :3 When I was a newb, I was all like, "Oh she's an older user she'd just brush me off if I tried to interact." And thus, I didn't. But I'm really glad I did, because you've become a very important friend of mine. I love soaping with you, playing with your roleplay accounts, and playing with you through mine~ It was you, after all, who gave me that raging desire to have a bunch of roleplay accounts. I'm pretty sure you broke my head. xD Anyway, I'm really happy to have you, and even more happy to hear that you trust me. I am proud to be your demonic servant.
  7. DARKNESS. Firstly, I want to make it clear that I gave you that nickname. :I I don't like people who hardly know you calling you that, although you already know that. Your roleplay accounts are absolutely beautiful. x3 Another thing you already knew, but I'll just remind you. I think between you, Milady, and me, we must take up at least half the population of Gotoquiz. xD ANYWAY. You're a lovely girl, again, welcomingly mature for a girl of your age. I enjoy talking to you, because you always make me feel happy. I don't even know how. I'm naturally sad. It just.. goes away. Thank you. I love you~ ^-^
  8. SHUNE SHUNE SHUNE SHUNE. Hai. :3 This one's for you~ You are a wonderful writer, which, again, I must thank you for sharing with me. I love hearing from you. x3 You're a very nice person, and I only learned of Miss Kuchisake-onna from you. I have to wonder where on Earth you came to know of her from, but I thank you for sharing her with me, as well. You're fun and nice and interesting and just overall you're a lovely person. :3 And you know of Leverage, which apparently, most of these people don't. ewe So bonus there~
  9. ANA WE STILL HAVEN'T SOAPED. I think I've started two with you that I really wanted to do, but we haven't actually done them, and I really wanna. ;~; You're a wonderful soaper, and I'm just kinda sitting here waiting but I don't seem to think to ask even when I do see you so I have only myself to blame. ewe I haven't spoken to you much lately, but I intend to be here awhile, so I'll fix that~ :P
  10. Ben~ AY. I don't see you too much either, but I'm really happy when I do. :3 I know you feel sad a lot, and that makes me sad because I want you to be happy like you should be all the time and creep everyone out with a lovely smile that says "HELLO I'M GONNA END YOU". Anyway, just so you know, Mari always wants to see you whenever you're there, so please do come talk whenever you can. 3x Oh. And loved the duck face~ :P
  11. Alice. I really like talking to you, although I feel like a faker sometimes because I have to use a translator to know what you're saying when you type in Spanish. 3x You're a lovely artist, and thank you again for the drawing you made for me. You have some very strong arguments and opinons on things that matter, and they're always interesting to read through. I've learned of quite a few things I didn't know about before through your knowledge, including some stuff I could probably have gone without knowing. x3 You're a very friendly person, and I wanted to thank you for that. :3 You're awesome.
  12. Nikki. I don't have a lot to say to you, unfortunately, because I haven't seen you in forever. I doubt you'll even see this, but I wanted to stress that I really do appreciate you not only giving me a chance to soap with you when I was still just a novice, but also for being one of the best soapers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. It meant a lot to me. Thank you.
  13. Tingy. Still love the pictures you've posted. xD I can't go through that thread without falling out of this damn chair laughing. And, although I've said it before, I want to thank you again for that picture you drew me. It's really lovely. x3 You're a very interesting person, and I like how you manage to keep calm in places where I'd throw a flailing fit and start a satanic ritual to drag my enemies to hell. Good job. x3
  14. GIR YOU SEXY PERSON. Beautiful seeing you, as always. I don't see you often, so it's always a pleasant surprise when you pop up out of nowhere. You're just such an interesting person. x3 And your name. I've been meaning to tell you that, but I really love your name. We haven't actually talked too much legitimately though, so get some popcorn and sit down sometime cuz Mari really wants to talk. .3.
  15. Papa~ Let me just say that you make for a very sexy Typhlosion. x3 You're so nice to me, and very forgiving given how annoying and irritable I can be. Such a good Papa to deal with my stupidity. xD But in all seriousness, I do really appreciate you caring for me. You have no idea how much that means to me. I'm kind of wondering how your cooking's been going, so please do let me know if you burn your house down making that casserole, kay~?
  16. Hailey. HAILEY. HAAAILLEEEEYY. YOU PROMISED. WHERE ARE YOU CHILD. I haven't seen you around too much lately, and that sucks, because you're a beautiful friend, and I really loved talking to you before. Please don't just disappear, cuz if you do, I'ma be pissed. I wanna see Chelsea again, and I want to just talk to you again. You were always such a loving, supportive person.. And you promised you'd stay and help me defend the site from trolls, so c'mon. COME ONNNN.

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