How well do you know MORANDI?

Morandi is a famous band(specially in europe)with so many beautiful songs.their beautiful lyrics,nice voices and strong music has made them to be a very adorable band.if you think you know morandi very well take this quiz to determine your knowledge about dont pay attention to second paragraph and take the quiz!

DONT PAY ATTENTION TO THIS PART AND GO TAKE THE QUIZ.morandi is cool and cool and cool and cool and cool and cool and cool and cool and cool and cool and cool.

Created by: Viktor
  1. How many singers sing in morandi?
  2. When was morandi formed?
  3. Which is the most recent song of morandi?(till july 2011)
  4. Where are they from?
  5. What was morandis first official song?
  6. Is there any woman in morandi?
  7. Continue the lyric: Its over im leaving...
  8. Beautiful sunrise...
  9. Come and save me...
  10. The lyric thing is over.and now the last question: Which was one of their best hit?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know MORANDI?