would i date you?(girls please)

This is a fun quiz i made to know that how much we are the same type,and you can take it seriously or just consider it for fun.thats your choice anyway.and one thing else i should mention is that this quiz is more about personality.

If you had a good score then we are somehow the same type and certainly we could be good friends(or further ;))and if you didnt have a good score then maybe we cant get along,how ever its no problem cuz this was a fun quiz.GOOD LUCK AND DONT FORGET TO COMMENT AND RATE!

Created by: Viktor
  1. What do you do on your free time?
  2. What is your ideal guy?
  3. Which kind of girl are you?
  5. Do YOU talk alot?
  6. What is your element?(if you dont know you can take one of those quizzes)
  7. Are YOU a nerd?i mean do you study alot?
  8. Do you smoke,do drugs or drink?
  9. How social are you?
  10. THE LAST QUESTION; Are you flirty?(BE HONEST)

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