Who Would Take You to Te Harry Potter Yule Ball?

This is a girls only quiz, it's my first quiz, so sorry of the misspellings.

Your results will include your date, how you feel about him, and if you marry him. Please don't use any inappropriate language or terms. Thanks and hope you enjoy... By the way, please tell me if you think I should write more... But I probably will anyway!

Created by: gfh012
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your ideal guy comes up to you and asks you to the ball, what does he say?
  2. What color is your dress?
  3. Harry says "will you go to the ball with me?" you say "__________________"
  4. Draco says "you're going to the ball with me." you say __________
  5. Some random guy that you don't know, ask you to the ball, you say "_______"
  6. You want to ________ at the ball?
  7. Your dream date is:
  8. Voldemort is about to kill your boyfriend what do you do?
  9. For the holidays your date asks you to visit him for Christmas you say _______
  10. Last question, just say you did visit your date, his house is...

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