Would I date you?

Would I date you? This quiz asks things about your personality and age only, nothing about appearance. If you get a good result, we should totally be friends!

Obviously no one can actually date me from this, this just measures what we have in common and compatible. I hope you enjoy this, have fun! :)

Created by: wolf_heart

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  1. Age?
  2. What is your eating habit?
  3. What is your view on gay or lgbtq+ rights?
  4. Are you a feminist?
  5. Do you support people of all colors equally/think police brutality on people of color is bad/happening?
  6. Do you like marathoning Netflix/shows?
  7. Do you like anime?
  8. Do you feel strongly about world issues?
  9. Would you be very open to all new ideas, and trying new things to keep our relationship exciting?
  10. What music era do you like the most?
  11. What basic music genre would you say you like the most out of these?
  12. Do you like nature?
  13. Which form of trash would you say is closest to you?
  14. What form of comedy is funniest to you out of these options?
  15. Are you a really romantic/cheesy person?
  16. Would you ever have sex with someone without consent?
  17. Which of these date activities sounds the most fun?

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