Help?!?! (mainly girls but guys would be helpful)

Hello I am IA, (not using real names for reasons) now I would love to hear what you think about this. I am sure it means nothing but what do you think?!?

It's about my life so far. Well my failed love life. It isn't lovely dovey stuff just werid moements with guys. (real names not used) Also my crushes. I AM NOT BOY CRAZY!!

Created by: Iwilltellyouwhoiamsoon

  1. Sooooooo a little heads up, this is about guys and what the hell do they mean!?? Adivce I guess so anyone will be helpful, I'll tell you some events that has happen!!
  2. I started a new school five weeks ago. I didn't know anyone but everything that I never imagined happened. One thing I never thought about was a boyfriend. Sure i wanted one but at my old school it was so small. I not a girl who fawns over guys but I found some werid stuff happening that's never happened. I know eye-contact Isnt big but in werid a bit strange stuff happened. Not big stuff and it means NOTHING! I am sure of that but what does it mean? Later on you will get what I mean! This might mean nothing maybe just making fun of me. My parents think he might Like me. But a guy acting like a jerk to me means he likes me? Isn't always the case, but I hope you enjoy reading this. Some funny stories I think are on the way too! Okay I not using their real names so this guy I will be calling RY. About him: He loves a rush, he is thrill seeker. He is fit and hates people complainning. He was in a love traingle but then she dumped him. He is pretty nice and is almost in all of my classes!! (Yay hahah lol) I found some moments of eye-contact and laughing with each other while he thew paper. He wears a lot of dark blue, and it suits him. (you know when you look at someone and you can see a colour that suits them?!?) RY is what i am calling him and this is what happened with him:
  3. RY: -Miss understanding- I was feeling lazy, it was music and the teacher was going on about something. She asked us to glue a sheet of paper in. We have arangged seats, boy, girl, boy, girl. After some miss understanding by the teacher I ended up next to RY. For as long as she says. I am loving this because I get to know him and see if he is nice! My friend sits on the other side of him. "Hey can I borrow a glue stick" I ask, she nods while gluing in her paper so slowly. I watch her an RY iS IN THE MIDDLE OF US. So if you can picture it, it seems like I am looking at this face. "You mind?" He says a but creeped out. "A-ah no! I am just waiting for a glue stick" I stuttered, damn I am an idoit! I thought as I quickly rocked back on my chair waiting for the gule stick!
  4. RY: -Eye contact- I was sitting in ary, across from me was RY. (I sat down first!!) "So RY, is there any girl you would date if you weren't dating Jo?" (not her name, I told you about the love traingle right. The guy in it with RYBwho both likes JO asks this) I listen more, I want to hear his answer. No way he would say me. 1. His GF is right beside him, 2. I am right there, 3. He doesn't know me and 4. He is way out of my league. Say in movies it would be like the loser dating the popular guy. The ex girl friend who talks to the loser a bit and is hated by all the loser's friends. The guy friends who is a bit weired out by this. I mean her?!? Ugly ad hell!! Has he lost it?!? The girls thinking the same, or talking to the loser non-stop. The loser's friends not liking him or teasing about him non-stop! But maybe no happy ending! Anyway back to the point. I turn my head to look at the door. In slow motion!! It felt like that. But as I was turning my head so was he. Our eyes met as we turned our heads, him stummbling the answer the question. Then we boke eye contact. I started at the door as he finally answered. (no, it didn't kill me. I don't think he likes me!) I hoped I want blushing and quickly turning my hea back to the teacher!
  5. RY: -Paper flying giggles- History. I was still tried in the Moring. RY had came in late and had ended up siting right next to me. There was other seats open! Next to me on the other side was his girlfriend. We were doing a worksheet that I couldn't do. So I started watching him (NOT IN CREEPY WAY) I knew he had a girlffriend and I don't have any feelings that way to him. ( I think) He started throwing paper "the elbow, I always get them there" I didn't know who he was talking to. But I started to listen. I giggle softly as he throws more: I contain my laughter as it almost hits the teacher. It want a romantic moment, you can't class it as that!! It was fun though. His GF Jo (not her name) hit her funny bone, then later I kicked her in the elbow. "I am sorry" I MENT IT and I was trying to get in my chair. Then the couple started talking. I was right in the middle. Leaning over to talk to eachother. In front of me. I sat back so they could talk.
  6. RY: -Music notes?- I DON'T GET THIS! I was screaming in my head as I looked at the worksteet. The guy on the other side was good. I copied him until he was done. I turned to RY. "Indont get this" He mumbled to who-knows! I sighed as we worked though it. (not together!) Bell goes. "Did you get though it" I ask bavely. He nods "yeah" he says. I nod, I haven't. I just shoved it in and left
  7. RY: -Speech, AH! so nervous- Happened to be my day to do my speech. Also the day RY sits in the front row for the first time. (I AM NOT A STALKER!!) I get up, I make eye contact with him. My heart raced nervously. My legs shaking (luckily no ome noticed) as I was reading I made eye contact. Well I tried. He was right in front of me, so I quickly looked down. THE END. I couldn't move my head. We were close and I was already nervous. I hardly knew these people. I wad telling them about my life and my hopes. They might of thought I was werid. Oh well, I thought as I sat down. If they can't take me as I am they rant worth having around
  8. There is more RY, but to go on you need to know another person. CE. CE and I met in a werid way and at the end he knew way too much around me then I would of liked.But then I knew a lot about him. I DO NOT, like him in that way but he is important .
  9. CE: -Autuo eight- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 somewhere along the way I lost count of who was who. I was waiting for my number. "Eight" My teacher said as he pointed to me. Wait who wad the other eight? It had already been called. "Now find your pairs" I rushed out of seat walking over to a pile of people. Everyone was calling out there numbers, hoping someone would answer. Please let it be a girl! I had o write about my life so far, Main events. CE caught my eye and I walked over. "What number are you" I asked, "eight" half expecting my heart to sink it didn't. "Me too" I really wanted a girl. We stood there not knowing what to do. "Sit with your pair" I walked back to me seat, wanting him to follow. I sat down and moved my firends stuff. He hadn't followed me, then I noticed him bringing his stuff. He is going to stay next to me?!?! CE wasn't a bad person or a bad looking, I am just not used to that sita of guy around me. Usally I get some guys trying to act cool and jerks. CE is quiet and kind. "I am so sorry if you can't read my writing, just tell me if you can't" I sigh at my messy writing. He has to edit this?!?! "Same here" he says and we start reading. CE had wrote the ctuest things about this child hood. Having no feelings for him but it was cute. I guess I started looking at him at bit more now. i started to notice him. After handing it back he told me he was terrablie at editing. I nodded "me too" I said. After he started doing self editing I notice mistakes I had missed. So I helped him with it. After awhile the bell rang.
  10. CE: -basket ball after school- I was loner. Mum was talking with teachers and I noticed all around me was BOYS! Now this might be some girls dream. Guys laying around, some playing sport, others on the basket ball court or walking around. I noticed CE was there. I am not that good of friends with him. He was there with his friend, who offered me a shoot. That thank goodness I got in!! After awhile his friend left. CE offered me the ball. I said "no thanks" and watched him play. Then watched another game. Not really a moment but still deatail!
  11. RY: -Weekends food?- I have a crush on this guy (not worth saying in this!! I might soon though) I was thinking about maybe seein him downtown. I had forgotten about RY, I knew I wouldn't met anyone but I saw him. He was eating and watching some show. My brother choose where we were sitting. I had to walk in front of him to my seat . Luckily I had my back to him. Nothing big happened but still detail.
  12. RY & CE: -Paper flying boys- I was in History, listening this time!! (I swear!) then something hit my back. Paper?!? Without turning around I garbbed it. (it had fallen down my chair. Stuck between me and the chair) "Good shot" RY's voice say. I smile turning around throwing the paper at RY. he hadn't thrown it. But he was smiling, I smile and chuck It at his head!! I turn back around thinking how bug of idoit I am!! He didn't throw it!! They were making fun of me I guess. I listen to the teacher, the sad thought nagging in the back of my mind. "Oh damn you missed CE" RY's voice said, they were aiming for mr AGAIN?!! I wasn't mad I was glad they noticed me. He knew my name! (I forgot to put it in, stick aroun of the next one I'll explain) But they must of been making fun of mr :,(. I went home and somehow ended up telling my family (don't ask me how. "Thats how guy say they like you", "yeah or acting up for their shy friend" CE is shy but no way he could like me. RY wouldn't like me either. "people do funny things to say they like you" My dad told me Going into a funny story.( Why do you think they did that? Answer please)
  13. RY: -IA(me)- (FORGOT TO ADD) we had to do a short speech on the spot. Ryan had to pick a a name. (he didn't know who) he picke a paper then turned to me. "Isabella" I was shocked me knew my name
  14. RY: -No more girlfriend?- HUH? WHAT? He has be lying ! Yeah maybe they want no one to know they are dating. The guy a few seats away from me asked RY something about his GF. "She dumped me you idoit" RY was hlaf smiling when he said it and so I thought maybe they want no one to know. Eyes contact again, but I turned away nit caring at all. Jo might not want them to know (others to know) I thought JO was dating the other guy (In the love traingle WM) and I was told she didn't want anyone to know. So maybe RY and Jo just want no ome to know! Or maybe they are broken up? I don't really mind either way. I might have a small crush on RY but ill just have to get over it if he had a GF!
  15. RN and AS. Yes more guys. RN is the guy I have a crush on, a bit more. He has a lot of girls drooling over him. I don't know if I like him or not because I dot know him. AT ALL. RN and I have no classes together, nothing. The only thing is that we were in the same group once. He is in my year and catches my bus. Also he is friends with a old friend of mine. FUNNY MOMENT/terriable for me: JA (my kind of friend) IPod is going flat. I pass it back to her hitting my head. (you know the thin you use to real glass in the bus if you need to? Yeah I set it off) worst wad that RN was right next to me. Then when I was getting off I stood on his foot. Sigh. I am a klutz
  16. AS, he is also a firend of an old friend of mine. Also RN's friend. We don't have anything together but we do the same sport on Firday. Somehow I always make eye contcat with him (you: you are always saying eye Contact, anything more. You know, TALKING?!?! Me: haha I know. I do talk to him) I Emded up talking to him! Only cuz we catch the same bus. His words were "Isn't JA here toady" (I always catch the bus with her) "no she isn't" I reaplied and we got onto the bus. AS, I do not have a cursh on but ad I am talking about guys I'll add him. Sorry I this wad boring and please comment. Maybe I'll make another, I doubt it though! Too boring! Anyway I would love to her what you think about RY and CE. or just want to think please! ABOUT any of the guys. I AM NOT BOY CRAZY!! I didnt have anything to do and I haven't been on in a while. I also want to hear why you think. So please comment! THANK FOR FOR READING *~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~**~~*~*~**~*~**~*~*~**

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