:D are you helpful?

There are many lazy people out there. are you one of them or are you helpful? not only at home but to me? I hope so.Come and find out for sure!and remember, just enjoy

Are you helpful? Are you a couch potato, or are you in the middle? well you won't know till you take this quiz! So come on and take it. I know you will love it!

Created by: Narwhal

  1. Hello all you gotoquiz lovers!
  2. So you bored?
  3. Do you know how to make really short quizzes?
  4. Thank you pielover511 for taking my totally random quiz!
  5. Let's get on with it
  6. I need an idea
  7. What is twenty in espanol?
  8. Will you leave nice comments?
  9. What grade are you in
  10. Do you clean up your house a lot?
  11. Take my how smart is your dog quiz! It is the second one from the top! Comment on it to let me know you took this one too!
  12. Pick your favorite letter group
  13. Okay bye now!

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Quiz topic: :D am I helpful?