How helpful do you like to be on howrse?

How helpful are you on howrse? Some leap at the chance to help. others just do it if they feel like it and some just love to create chaos. Are you helpful? neutral? or a chaos maker?

You could be a helper of all.. Someone who just does it or an enemy of all who are kind. Do you spam? Or do you post kind encouraging comments? It all depends on who you are!

Created by: Violet

  1. How often do you go to the game play forum?
  2. How often do you congratulate people?
  3. What would you write on your presentation
  4. You see a topic that has a question but everyone is being mean
  5. What's your favorite forum?
  6. You are asked to be a mod.
  7. Someone asks to be your friend.
  8. Somebody send you a PM looking for comfort.
  9. Someone asks you a question.
  10. Last of all.... Will you congratulate Scorchfur

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Quiz topic: How helpful do I like to be on howrse?