Your perfect ipod

Are you a genius? You might just be if you pass my quiz...Of musical ipods. Good luck on your journey to being a musical genius. may the force be with you.

Do you have the brainpower? Or do you have the laziness to not take the quiz? You shall see if you are smart enough to take the musical challenge. Good luck!!!!!

Created by: Your perfect ipod
  1. About how many songs will you buy in a year?
  2. Do you like touchscreen ipods or not?
  3. About how much memory do you think you would use in a year?
  4. About how much would you use your ipod in a week?
  5. What is your favorite color?
  6. Would you watch movies on you ipod?
  7. Would you only listen to songs?
  8. Would you want your ipod to turn to the side when you turned it to the side?
  9. Would you want an ipod that doesn't have a screen.
  10. About how portable would you want your ipod to be?

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