The IPod Nano Quiz

Some people have the ability to master their iPods. They completely know the iPod infrastructure, inside and out. They have ultimate skills at their iPods and are musically skilled.

Are you an iPod smarty? This quiz will test your iPod ability. You may be a master at it or you may need some work on your iPod knowledge. Take this test to see where you lie.

Created by: kimi
  1. How many menus does the main menu hold WHEN playing a song?
  2. What does Search do?
  3. In Extras, how many Games are included?
  4. In settings, is there a Volume Limit option?
  5. Does Language in settings have the language Italian?
  6. In settings does About [the ipod] include when you got it?
  7. For Backlight Timer, does it have the time 30 Seconds before it goes off option?
  8. True or False? Composers are the same as Artists.
  9. What happens if you are at a song screen and you click the center button 3 times FAST?
  10. How do you turn the IPod off normally?

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