How Much Do You Know GTQ Users?

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Do you really, truely think you know your Go To Quiz. Com friends? Or maybe you can come here just for the fun of it. Whatever the choice you choose, you'll always have fun here!

See how much you know about your Go To Quiz. Com friends and aquatences. No matter if you pass or fail this test, just remember you're always a winner!

Created by: IcyDesignns

  1. Is Carrotop a boy or girl?
  2. What is I Forgot My Name's real name?
  3. How old is Zane Is Here?
  4. What year did Blacky Chan join GTQ?
  5. Who on GTQ goes by the name "nick"?
  6. Does singin234 make any story quizzes?
  7. What color is zeronightshade's hair?
  8. The rest are true or false questions. Lucy is Lucyheartfillia's real name.
  9. Xavier is SWAGGIRL's brother.
  10. Firegirl88 is actually a boy.
  11. sweet is 12 years old.
  12. The user GTQ Is the person who created GTQ.COM.
  13. 6 6 sick is a girl.
  14. AZY is Mexican.
  15. SilverTree's brother's name is Jayden.
  16. Mia Is Silence is dating Zane Is Here.
  17. kwright was a GTQ boyfriend.
  18. Carri04 goes by the name Ting.
  19. CodySimpsonLuv is Advanced.
  20. ~LAST QUESTION~ Who is GTQguy?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know GTQ Users?