Are you being followed by a ghost?

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Many people do not belive in ghosts. Never the less, many people still do. I know I do. But, to some people their belief that it is possible for ghosts to exist seems to be just to true for them...

If you have ever wondered if there truley was a spirit at your side, try taking this quiz to help in confirming (or maybe debunking) these guesses. I hope that'quiz' helpful to you.

Created by: Mia is Silence
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  1. How many 'occurences' have occured in the past month?
  2. When was the last occurence?
  3. How many cuts/scratches hve you received (ever)?
  4. Have you ever seen an apparition?
  5. Have any occurences happened to anyone else while near you?
  6. Has anyone very close to you passed away, or anyone who has lived in the same house as you currently do?
  7. Has a 'ghost hunters' team ever come to meet you, or come to your house?
  8. If so, did they find nything that could point to being followed by a spirit?
  9. Have you ever had a medium over?
  10. Did she find anything that could point to a spirit?
  11. Do you BELIEVE in ghosts?

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Quiz topic: Am I being followed by a ghost?