your ghost life (chapter3)

your ghost life chapter 3 is finallly here!! yay so anyway you know 4 people right you got ghost boy,jake,abby,or the twins but in this chapter things get odd and you talk to ghost boy yay!

me:are you ready(you:sure im ready)me: are you really really ready(you:hell yea im really really ready) me:do you like being a ghost(you:...yes i like being a ghost)

Created by: fufe123
  1. okay....last time you was at the park with the preson that can see you and you et another ghost right.....
  2. so your at the park with the preson you can see and they go up to someone you dont know you follow close behine looking at the other preson and then....
  3. and then (the one that can see you) dose a hand shake with the preson"hey mike" they say you say the name mike over and over in your head then you remember who it is your ex from way back
  4. mike says hi back then they start to talk low you cant really hear so you leave and go back to school seeing if the ghost you met was there
  5. you look around and see him sitting on top of his old locker you can tell he's from way back cuz of his hair and clothes you go and sit next to him he trun and looks at you with a smile you smile back
  6. he looks you up and down then he asked what your name was"_____, whats yours"you ask"my brandon"he say "oh cool"you say not knowing what to say then he says he has to go and leaves
  7. you go back to the preson house and to there room they lefted a not saying they be back you want to follow but they say dont and then....
  8. and then you wel find out in part/chapter 4!
  9. will you rate
  10. will you comment
  11. see you later

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Quiz topic: My ghost life (chapter3)