Should You Be A Ghost?

There are many different images of Ghosts and their relatives out there, and many think they could cut it as a ghost. Do you think you could? Or would you be something else? This is an approach to find out if you can, or if you'd be something entirely different.

So, should YOU be a ghost? Do you have the ability to survive a Ghost's life--Maybe more? Do you think you'd make it better as something close to a Ghost? Take this quiz to find out if you're a Ghost, a Specter, A Half Ghost, a Phantom, or stick to being Human.

Created by: SmallvilleLuv
  1. Do you love your family and friends?
  2. Who's the friendliest ghost?! :)
  3. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  4. They think Ghosts are deadly, do you?
  5. Skip this question.
  6. Go back to the last question, then skip this one too.
  7. Smile for the camera?
  8. Oh look, a Jackieohlantern!
  9. A book by Frank Peretti envolves a Ghost. What's it's name?
  10. Lastly----Do you think you could cut it as a Ghost?

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Quiz topic: Should I Be A Ghost?