The Ghost Fax Quiz

This quiz is about one thing: ghosts, spirits, specters, phantoms, or what ever you call them. This will test your know-how about ghosts. Do you think you got what it takes to past this quiz?

I made this quiz. I was bored one day, and look at what happened. This is my first quiz so be nice OK rate it and if you like it I might just make more and don't forget to share it.

Created by: elt
  1. What is anEVP?
  2. What kind of things can you use to contact ghosts?
  3. What is a Medium?
  4. Are spirits dangerous?
  5. What are the cast names on the ghost adventures TV show?
  6. What is a poltergeist?
  7. Can there be haunted Dolls?
  8. How do you catch an EVP?
  9. Did they ever film ghost adventures in a hospital?
  10. Do you think ghosts are reel?

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