What Type Of Ghost Is Living In Your House?

I have had ghosts in my house before, but I dealt with them and found a way to talk to them without a Ouija board. I would like to help other people understand what ghosts they have and how much danger the people are in.

I also have never made one of these before, and I was not expecting it to take as long as it did. Also, not all of these questions may cover what you have experienced, leave something in the comments if you experienced something else that I did not cover.

Created by: Melody L. E.
  1. Have you ever felt a presence in your home or a certain room in your home that you think shouldn't be there?
  2. Have you ever walked to a specific spot in your house while it was warm, and the spot you were in was freezing cold?
  3. Has anyone ever told you that you say unintelligible(not able to understand)words in your sleep?
  4. Do you ever have any thoughts about killing another person other than yourself?
  5. Have you ever experienced the feeling of being chased when there is really nothing behind you? *VERY IMPORTANT ANSWER WITH TRUTH!*
  6. Do you experience feelings of dread, or have you ever felt like the world is against you at all times?
  7. Has anything supernatural happened to you in your life? For example: you are about to fall on your face and then you suddenly stop before you hit the ground, touching the ground softly afterward.
  8. (((**sigh* I'm getting bored.*)))have you ever heard something moving in your room at night but you know for certain that nothing was there?
  9. Have you ever used a Ouija board and when you said goodbye, the spirit(or spirits)said hello?
  10. Last question: if you see a pentagram on your wall that was not there before, do you...

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Ghost Is Living In my House?