Who said it Zak, Nick, or Aaron?

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This quiz wil ask you who said this statement in a pass Episode or Aarons Vlogs and see how much you know. If you get them all right you are a real Ghost Adventures fan but if you CHEAT you are Not a fan you are just trying to be!!!!

Are you a fan of Ghost Adventures??? Do you know every detail of them? Do you rememeber what they said? Take this quiz and prove it!!! Make the Ghost Adventures crew proud!

Created by: alyssa
  1. "Aarons vlog, it's 12:50 at night." Who said it?
  2. SAME VLOG FROM 1: "Shhh, Billy." Who said it?
  3. SAME VLOG: "What did you guy do since I last left?" Who said it.
  4. "Aarons Vlog, we're going in to watch Zak do his hair." Who said it?
  5. VLOG: "What do you put in a toaster?" "Toast." ""Nope Bread."
  6. VLOG: "I think I lost 2o pounds." "you look like you lost 20 pounds,your arms don't look the same." "My arms are fine!!"
  7. VLOG: "The way to be seen is standup, the way to be heard is speak up, the way to be appreciated is shut up......only 25 cent"
  8. VLOG:"I thought they were chocolate chips but when i dove into them, they were raisins, those little b------s."
  9. "Aarons vlog, this is the most humid place I've been in my life."
  10. VLOG: "Is there chocolate in there?" "No" "It's not a shmore than." "It's a smore, not a shmore."
  11. VLOG: "I don't think anybody saw us, it's not easy to be a GAC Ninga."
  12. VLOG: "That's how mold forms man, it's starts in your stomach and grows out like an alien."
  13. VLOG: "Watch out for Aaron!"
  14. VLOG: "Yeah get me the beat Johnny. Somebody's gonna make you turn around and say goodbye don't you know don't you know thing can change."
  15. NOT A VLOG: "Don't talk dude even when you talk it scares me, just let me get to that."
  16. "Are you filming with your eyes closed?" "I got sun screen in my eyeball."
  17. "Smells like chillie." Smells like chillie?" "Yeah don't you smell it?" What's wrong with you?"
  18. "Really? I thought it was caving in. Sounds like a herd of buffalos."
  19. "He's special leave us alone we got to race!"
  20. "What are you going without a shirt on, you look like bigfoot. What are you doing tweeting? You ugly hairy b------!" Who said it?
  21. "We're lose a couple of pounds." "I don't want to lose punds."
  22. "When you came down the stairs, it was a man, not the plan."
  23. "Some of these, some of these, some of those, this is my area go to that area."

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