Do you know Aaron?

Many people know my name but don't really know me, they may see me on the street an holla at me but yall don't even know who the true Aaron is. This Quiz is to test your relationship with me and gives me an understanding on how well my peeps know me.

Do you know Aaron J. Guerra or do you just know of him. You think you have what it takes to know Aaron, step right on up to the computer and type in your answers, or just fill in the tiny circle with your answer.

Created by: AARON

  1. What is my middle name?
  2. How many brothers do I have?
  3. What is my favorite kind of Ice Cream?
  4. What kind of cars have I owned in the past?
  5. What is the first thing I do in the morning?
  6. Who do I admire the Most?
  7. If I could make one wish what would it be?
  8. How many times a week do I work out at least?
  9. Who is my favorite band?
  10. What is most important in my life?
  11. How many pairs of Shoes do I own?
  12. How many times a week I'm I at the Church?
  13. What sports have I been involved in?
  14. Who did I go to Prom with?
  15. What is my favorite activity?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Aaron?