Which Criminal Minds character are you?

Lots of people love criminal minds and say they know who they would be, but would they really know? or are they trying to sound cool? try it out!! tell your friends cause its funtabulous

Come on who are you? Derek morgan? Aaron Hotchner? Penelope garcia? well now you will know just try this test to see who you really are! try answering this true the first time round then you can have fun experimenting.

Created by: Rhiannon
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  1. If a person is being held hostage by a psycopathic serial killer and he is threatening to kill them you would:
  2. You like to Break down doors to get the job done faster
  3. You are persistent to find a killer at all costs
  4. you would rather get beaten up than have your friend murdered
  5. if a you found a bomb you would
  6. if you couldnt find a murderer of a family you were close to you would
  7. if you were held hostage and told to play god and choose a member of your team to die who would it be?
  8. if you were accused of murder you would
  9. you are more like a dog than a cat
  10. you would prefer to use .... to stop a killer

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Quiz topic: Which Criminal Minds character am I?