Your Criminal Pathway

What kind of criminal are you is what I wonder? I have a list of a few criminal perfesions. I think that there is a criminal in everyone. So I would like for everyone to take the quiz to determine what criminal you are inside!

You have criminal in you and don't know it? Choose this quiz and find out what crimianl you qualify for! It will be Fun!.. The type of criminals i have on here are somewhat real. Have Fun!!!

Created by: cd

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  1. Do you steal?
  2. If you got business to take care of you would most likely do what?
  3. Would you include your people in you business?
  4. How do you get your money?
  5. How would you take care of snitchs?
  6. Would you kill for $100,000,000?
  7. What is you attitude in life?
  8. If you had the chance what would you do to a cop?
  9. Would you lie?
  10. Would you set someone up?

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Quiz topic: My Criminal Pathway