How well you know Nick Jonas

There are many Nick Jonas fans but a few Nick Jonas number one super ultimate fans.But why do we love Nick Jonas is it because he's hot, amazing, talented what? I love him for all three of these reasens not because his famous.

Are YOU a Nick Jonas SUPER ULTIMATE NUMBER ONE FAN? Do you have what it take to be one? until now you could only wonder.But thanks to this great quiz now you can find out!

Created by: popstar001

  1. What is Nick Jonas's full birth name?
  2. what is nick jonas's height
  3. What is Nick Jonas's favourite sport
  4. Who are Nick Jonas's favourite actors
  5. How many types of diabetes does nick jonas have
  6. where does nick jonas live
  7. How did Nick Jonas get discovered singing
  8. What is nick jonas's favourite school subject
  9. What is Nick Jonas's favourite holiday
  10. What is nick jonas's favourite movie
  11. what is his dog's name
  12. Did Nick Jonas date Nicole anderson
  13. Is nick jonas a christian

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