How Commie are you

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This is a quiz to see how communist you are. Good luck. You will be able to see at the end a percentage of how communist you are. Hopefully, if you score high enough you can join the commie club.

If you don't know the commie club is for true Commies like Lenin, Trotsky, me, my friend and maybe even you. Have fun let's destroy those capitalist pigs.

Created by: RealVladimirLenin

  1. What do you think of Communism
  2. Freedom or equality
  3. What is your opinion on the Berlin wall
  4. Who was Karl Marx
  5. Who was Boris Yeltsin
  6. Do you think the government should interfere in the private sector by seizing all companies and making them community-owned for and by the people so that all profits generated are shared between the community on the basis of ability, needs and work ethic, meaning the workforce will have a fair employer and will be able to survive with a good living without playing to capitalist rich wealthy scum employers who exist only to strengthen and build their own companies so they can make money whilst treating the people and communists like dirt.
  7. Did you read the last question
  8. What is your favourite symbol
  9. What's Better
  10. What Is your favourite animal
  11. Favourite Song

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