What Kind of Communist Are You?

I've looked at a lot of these "what kind of socialist are you" quizzes, and frankly, I think a lot of them are junk. So here's my attempt to streamline and ask the real questions of a budding communist.

There are a lot more flavors of communism/socialism/anti-capitalism than I've highlighted in this quiz. Please keep in mind this is not designed to ascribe a definite worldview to you, but rather, to point you to people you might be interested in reading.

Created by: Jack Robert
  1. Based on your current understanding, how would you describe the Soviet Union?
  2. True or False: it is possible to implement "Socialism in One Country"
  3. Our conception of a post-capitalist must primarily come from a critique of capitalism, and not a pre-figurative ideal.
  4. It is important for a revolution to be led by a vanguard party to achieve its goals.
  5. Communism and Socialism are separate stages of development.
  6. It is possible for socialism to be developed and defended in remote, rural areas without the first world bourgeoisie being toppled.
  7. More than capitalism, the true source of suffering in this world is unjust hierarchies.
  8. Our present conditions make it possible for socialism to be worldwide right now.
  9. How would you define "The State"
  10. The state is not abolished. It withers away after a period of development that removes any use or need the state has in society.

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Communist am I?