How well do you know Chinese?

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Take the quiz.please?I really wanna level up.take it even if you don't know chinese,you can take the end you could see the answers and learn real Chinese.

Do you THINK you know Chinese,or do you KNOW you know Chinese?take the quiz to see!:D BTW the most important rule of all time for quizzes and for life:have fun!!!

Created by: katqueen45
  1. What does this symbol mean?:爱
  2. What does this symbol mean?:胡说
  3. What does this symbol mean?:放手吧
  4. What does this symbol mean?:拉拉 (Hint:they are both the same symbol so it must say the same words twice.....)
  5. What does this symbol mean?:中国
  6. What does this symbol mean?:爸爸和妈妈
  7. What does this symbol mean?:原谅
  8. What does this symbol mean?:遗憾
  9. What does this symbol mean?:阎王
  10. Please rate and comment! Seriously,I had to log in and out of this quiz to copy and paste the Chinese writing,I dont ACTUALLY know Chinese.I went on a English-to-chinese translater!BTW to get the answer right click the last one,even if your really not going to.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Chinese?