7 minutes with a hottie in heaven

Okay, you're at my house again. We're doing some goofy stuff, karaoke, wagon riding, basketball playing. When ding dong! The doorbell goes off. Now, you figure it's not the pizza guy, and yup, there's some hotties at my doorstep.

But, wait a minute. This aren't the usually guys your smooching in my closet, who are these guys? Well, you know them, just not that well. I announce the game, 7 minutes (with a hottie) in heaven, and look straight at you. You are first and must pick a number 1-5. Ready? Go!

Created by: rebekahgilman
  1. Pick a number 1-5
  2. What do you usually do in Math class?
  3. How tall do you want your dream boy to be?
  4. What sports will your dream guy play?
  5. Which quality must your dream guy have?
  6. Which one is cuter about a guy?
  7. What color eyes does your dream boy have?
  8. Which one of these does your crush fall into?
  9. Do you like Billy Gilman?
  10. Ready? (No effect)

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