Are You Good Enough To Go To Heaven???

There is not a single person on this planet who hasn't asked the question, "what will happen to me when I die?" or "Am I good enough to get into heaven?". Some people don't believe their is a heaven or hell. All I can say is...what if you're wrong? It sure would be convenient to think that nothing we do here on earth will make a difference when we die. But the truth is, it does.

So how good is good enough? To clear the smoke and give people a chance to really find out if they are good enough, we have created a test to see what the Bible says about how good is good enough and if you have made the "Cut-Off". You will be very interested to find what the bible says and maybe a little disturbed at what your score is. Who knows, maybe you have made the cut-off and you have nothing to worry about. or haven't. Godd Luck

Created by: Crimson Bridge

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  1. Have you ever stolen anything? (Ie: a car, a bike, a cd from your brother's room, a pencil, a peice of gum, a dollar from your parents, a hair clip, ANYTHING!!!)
  2. Have you ever told a lie? (even an incy tincy wincy little bitty one?
  3. Have you ever committed adultry? (jesus said that if you even look at a woman/man with lust, you have already committed adultry with them in your heart!) be honest, you just admitted you were a liar!
  4. Have you ever taken the Lords name in vain? (That doesn't mean just "God D#*it!", or "Jesus Christ", or "Oh God!" ETC. there are a lot more ways to blaspheme against God)
  5. Have you ever hated someone for any reason? (Jesus said that if anyone hates his brother, he has already murdered him)
  6. Have you ever wanted something SOOOO bad that, somebody else had? (ya know, have you coveted anything that belonged to someone else?
  7. Have you ever been so involved with or attached to something or someone, that you were basically idolizing it? (Like video games, sports, drugs, smoking, drinking, your boyfriend/girlfriend, ETC... anything you do or think obout more than GOD)
  8. Have you ever disobeyed your parents? Or have you ever been disrespectful to them in any way?
  9. do you concider yourself a good person?
  10. Do you know where you will go when you die? Heaven or Hell?

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Quiz topic: Am I Good Enough To Go To Heaven???