According to Paul, are you going to Heaven?

This quiz determines wheather or not Paul would allow you in the gates of heaven if he were the judge. Paul beleived personal acts were the key to heaven, instead of faith and belief.

Paul was many things God didn't beleive in, he was sexist for one thing. Even though Paul's good actions GREATLY exceeded his bad things, if he were the judge, only those who passed this quiz would enter heaven.

Created by: ImMakinMagic of Wizard Productions
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  1. If you are a woman, have you had children? (Through birth only, not adoption)
  2. Have you brought somebody to Christ?
  3. Do you rejoice in bad situations?
  4. Have you ever lusted after someone who attracts you?
  5. Are you tempted often?
  6. Do all of your friends know you're a Christain?
  7. Have you ever denied being a Christain, while you were a Christain?
  8. Have you ever gone to, claim to be, or claim to have seen witchcraft? (Horoscopes, Mind Readers, Fortune Tellers)
  9. Are you obeise?
  10. Do you smoke or drink?
  11. Are you gay or lesbian?
  12. Are you living with a boyfriend or girlfriend you are not married to?
  13. Have you ever had sex outside of marrige?
  14. Have you ever broken a vow to your partner?
  15. Have you ever had an affair? (Single, Couple, or Married)
  16. Have you ever used birth control or a condom?
  17. Have you ever been divorced?
  18. If you are a woman, have you ever disobeyed, yelled at, or asaulted your husband?

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Quiz topic: According to Paul, am I going to Heaven?