New REVISED Spheres Of Heaven

There are few people who are going to Heaven, but the question is which sphere? Are you going to the first, or the tenth? After all, it is hard to make it to the higher spheres of Heaven. This is based on Dante's Paradise, right after Purgatory.

Are YOU going to a high sphere of Heaven, like Empyrean, or will you just be lucky to make it to the first sphere? Before today, that was a mystery, but now it's quick and easy.

Created by: Mark

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  1. Have you released yourself from a vow or convent?
  2. Have you done good out of a desire for fame?
  3. Have you done good out of love?
  4. Are you wise?
  5. Have you fought for Christianity?
  6. Have you ever saw someone breaking the rules and stopped them in a peaceful manner?
  7. Are you contemplative (peaceful)?
  8. Has a pope, priest, or any other religious figure blessed you in your life?
  9. Would you like to frink from the river Lethe?
  10. Have you ever talked someone into a vow or convent?

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