Spheres Of Heaven

Those who don't go to the nine circles of hell are lucky enough to make it to the eternal realm of Heaven. The question is which one? Take the wuiz, and no matter which sphere you get, you'll still feel Paradise.

Are YOU holy enough to join Jesus, Mary, and God? Or are you lucky just to make it to the sphere called "Moon"? Take this simple wuiz and find out! Until this day, that was one of life's greatest mysteries, but now, it'll take two minutes just to find out! So come on out and try the "Spheres Of Heaven" quiz!

Created by: Mark

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  1. Have you released yourself from a vow or convent?
  2. Have you done a good out of fame?
  3. Have you done good out of love?
  4. Are you at least 50% wise?
  5. Have you fought for your religion?
  6. Have you personified justice?
  7. Are you contemplative (ex. Monks)?
  8. Has a pope or priest, or any religious figure blessed you?
  9. Do you love the Lord with all your heart, along with Jesus and Mary, and except whatever form they may be in?
  10. Would you like to drink from the river Lethe?

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