REVISED Spheres Of Heaven

You took the old edition of the Spheres Of Heaven test. But you probably haven't taken this new one! It has more detail, more questions, and it's a lot more fun, I can tell you that. But remember, no one deserves the tenth sphere of Heaven, or all the souls within it.

Are you worthy to make it to the Primum Mobile? Before this quiz, there was only one with not that much questions, or detail. But now you can enjoy a quiz that can tell you anything about the 9 (10) spheres of Heaven! SO what are you waiting for, come on down!

Created by: Mark
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  1. Have you released yourself from a vow or convent?
  2. Are you at least 75% wise?
  3. Do you love God, Jesus, Mary, and all those Divine souls in the 10th sphere of Heaven with all your heart?
  4. Would you like to drink from the river lethe?
  5. Have you done good out of a desire for fame?
  6. Have you done good out of love?
  7. Has a pope, priest, or any other religious figure blessed you in your life?
  8. Have you fought for your religion?
  9. When you saw someone breaking the rules, have you tried, or accomplished stopping them in a peaceful manner?
  10. Do you peronify justice?
  11. Have you ever talked someone or yourself into a vow or convent?

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