which guy will you fall in love with part 2

Please take my first quiz before this one. It'll make more since! Okay, so you just ment Gavin. He's really werid! Stay away from him! He's CCRREEAAPPYY and SSCCAARRYY! AHHHHH!

Okay, so you are living in this house with four guys. Seth, Adam, Josh, and Alex. At the end of a month you must pick one to date. So... which guy will you fall in love with?

Created by: rebekahgilman

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  1. You think for sure Gavin is going to pop you right there, but all of a sudden he starts laughing and says, "I hope you can sleep with your eyes open doll face!" You scream and run inside the house. Who do you look for first?
  2. Well, you end up falling and your knee starts bleeding. Josh sees you so he lifts you up and carries you two his bed. "What happened ________?" You tell him about Gavin when he admits he knows Gavin. "Gavin's no good," Josh starts, "Back in Elemetery School he would beat me up. I could take him now, he's pretty weak, but I wish scared when I was in first grade!" What do you say to Josh?
  3. "If he ever tries to hurt a single hair on your pretty head, just let me know, I'll make him cry," he says. Then you two start kissing. Alex walks in and sees you and Josh kissing. "What's going on?" Alex askes. Josh explains about Gavin. "__________, follow me, I have to show you what Gavin did to me." Alex takes your hand and you follow him thinking...
  4. Alex leads you two his room, were he pulls up a chair for you. Then he sits down on another chair and takes his sock off his left foot. His little toes is half... GONE! "One time," Alex starts, "I was at Gavin's house one time and I beat him at XBOX. He got really upset and set his dog after me. His dog beat my toe." You look at Alex...
  5. Alex leans in to kiss you when your phone starts ringing. Seth: Hey were r u? I heard bout Gavin, I need 2 talk 2 u. Alex gives you a quick kiss before you leave to find Seth. You find him in the den. "Hey Seth," you say "Hey babe. I have to show you what Gavin did to me." He lifts up his shirt...
  6. He points to a burn mark on his chest, "Gavin burnt me one time. He was smoking and I said I won't. It was at a pool party so I was shirtless. I got out of there as fast as I could." Then Seth looks at you, "He'll never come close to you." Then Seth gives you a kiss on your check. As he walks away...
  7. You walk back to your room, but see Adam. "Hey sweetie," he says kissing you, "Are you okay?" You tell him about GAvin. "I hate Gavin!" Adam says. Then he shows you the palm of his hand where you see a scar. "Gavin did this to me." "How?" you ask. "Well, I was playing hide and seek at his house back in second grade. He tell me to count. I was counting and the next thing I knew Gavin slit my hand while trying for my throat. I knocked him out when I realized he tried to kill me and ran as fast as I could."
  8. When you finally went back to your room you realized it was midnight. You went to the bathroom to brush your teeth. When you get back to your room, you see Gavin!
  9. "I've been waiting for you doll face." He says coming closer to you. Then...
  10. Come back for part 3!
  11. Who do you love?

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