which guy will you fall in love with part 8

Okay, you are at a gorgeous house with four cuh-yetes. There's the hot athlete Seth, the gorgeous smartie Adam, the hysterical and cute class clown Josh, and the awesome and sweet Alex. Then there's the freak Gavin...

You were enjoying your night (with Seth) when Gavin showed up. Ready to see what happens next? This quiz is for my friend miss harmonica. So, let's SCORE! And see which guy YOU will fall in love with!

Created by: rebekahgilman
  1. Okay, so you were asleep next to Seth, when Gavin walked into the room. He has something in his hands, its a gun! He aims it at Seth and says, "________, either you come with me, or lover boy gets it"
  2. You walk over to Gavin and tell him that you'll follow him. He HANDCUFFS you two himself...
  3. Then you see Alex standing in front of you. He doesn't move for Gavin. Gavin holds the gun up, and you pass out. When you wake up, Seth and Alex are over you trying to wake you up. Apparently once you passed out, Gavin looked down and Alex grabbed the gun. Gavin ran and Seth came to see what happened. Seth picks you up and carries you back to his room. You two makeout until you finally fall asleep, cuddled byside Seth and his perfect abs.
  4. You wake up and see Seth next to you. You kiss his eyelids and he wakes up. You kisses the bridge of your nose, and the two of you hold hands and go downstairs for breakfast. You get frozen waffles and sit next to Josh. He reminds you that your date is today.
  5. You walk into your room to get ready for your date with Josh when you see Alex. "I was scared about you last night, mittens" he says taking your hand and kissing it.
  6. He kisses you and you smile. He leaves and says you two will finish later. You giggle and pick out your outfit. You wear a polo t shirt and shorts. You walk downstairs and get your shoes and Josh pinchs you from behind. You yelp and turn around. He smiles and starts kissing you.
  7. He takes your hand and leads you to his motorcycle. He tells you that you're date is at the mini golf course. He drives you there and you hold on tight.
  8. You walk onto the course and get a hole in one. He high fives you and gives you a quick kiss. You are kicking his butt, why?
  9. "I'll make you a bet," he says, "Winner gets to dare the loser to do anything," you agree, but you're still beating him. You end up beating him and he asks you to dare him...
  10. You end up daring him to tell you what his dare was going to be. "I'll show you," he says and dips you like you're slow dancing. You two makeout on the ninth hole until two old ladies get upset and have the manager come out.
  11. He takes you to a nice resturant where he says that he's never liked someone as much as he likes you. You giggle and look down. He leans over and kisses you across the table, and the waiter smiles at the two of you. You blush. When you two get home, Adam pulls you into the kitchen. He kisses you...
  12. Alex walks in, "I think we have a few things that we didn't finish," you giggle and kiss Adam on the check...
  13. You and Alex walk into your room. You plop down on your bed and lay down. The thing with Alex is that you feel relaxed. He sits beside you and holds your hand. You tell him your feet feel sore, so he gives you a foot rub, then he says he'll give you a back massage. You turn over and he gives you one. Then he kisses the back of your neck. You turn around, and the two of you passionately kiss.
  14. You and Alex are pretty into this when Seth walks in. Alex is unphased and Seth clears his throat. You pull away...
  15. Alex leaves and winks and says that you're still not finished. You walk over to Seth. "Come to my room, and this time we won't be interuppted by Gavin," Seth kisses you and you feel the sparks. You feel your face blush and follow him. Again, he is in his boxers and shirtless. (of course you change into you're cuh-yete pj's first) and when you walk in you see GAVIN!
  16. Come back for part 8! Who do you love?

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Quiz topic: Which guy will I fall in love with part 8