How Strange Are You?

There are many people who claim to be strange, but just how strange are you? Are you someone who makes up corny jokes or someone who puts corn up their nose? Are you someone who is Burnin' up for the Jonas Brothers or burning down a house... litterally.

Take this quiz if you would like to find out how strange you are. Please note that this is not a quiz that is meant to insult anyone. I'm sure that you are all decently strange, but I am using the standards of strange that my buds have set. Good Luck!

Created by: lgkavanagh
  1. Have you ever decorated a random cartoon lawyer?
  2. Have you ever pushed one of your friends down a hill in a wagon?
  3. Have you ever remixed Fergalicious so that it fits one of your friends?
  4. Have you ever rapped with a stick horse?
  5. Have you ever set a napkin on fire?
  6. Have you ever said the following: I GOT 2 SISTERS THEY BOTH TWINS THEY GOT 11 KIDS THAT MAKES 22 22 LUCKY MAN!!!
  7. Have you ever considered bedazzling "SUPER DELICIOUS" on the bottom of a speedo and giving it to an extremely hot senior who plays tennis with you for his birthday?
  8. Have you ever done any of the following: (this applies to the next several questions) ridden a buffalo
  9. toasted a $5 footlong?
  10. heard of a monkey duck?
  11. hopped the border?
  12. Lastly, please pick the first thing that pops into your mind when i say this: BOWSER

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Quiz topic: How Strange am I?