one night to remember

Okay... you know what I'm throwing yet again. A party! Let's burn some napkins, I'll get the napkins, let's get the party pumping and do something... WHOA CRAZZYY! Haha, then surprise surprise the doorbell rings... guess who came for dessert?

Okay, five cute guys come walking in. Do you wanna know who? Well, we gots Gavin, and we gots Theo, and we gots Dan W., and we gots Khalil, and we gots my newest crush Jake. Rules: You must kiss once in the closet, and call a number 1-5. Ready? Let's go!

Created by: rebekahgilman

  1. Pick a number
  2. How would most people describe you?
  3. What's your favorite subject
  4. If someone said you have nice hair, you'd...
  5. Okay, no more questions count.
  6. Do you like Billy Gilman?
  7. So
  8. Yup
  9. Okay
  10. Here we go!

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