Where are you from?

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Thread Topic: Where are you from?

  • rachcab21 Newbie
    NEW TOPIC! Okay! Lets talk about...ourselves? I don't know what to say about myself though. I think I've already said enough about myself in these threads.
  • Bambi Novice
    Are your friends preps or normies Rachy... Or something else... 0.o Sorry I'm being a little nosey...
  • Jtb1996 Novice
  • Bambi Novice
    Aww it's like we're the only ones online Jtb!! This sucks. We should have an Instant Messager or something.
  • Jtb1996 Novice
    yea. well i have gmail/twitter/youtube/msn lol just carri isnt on everyone else bores me on msn. zzz.
  • Bambi Novice
    I wish people on here could meet in real life that would be so cool!
  • rachcab21 Newbie
    My friends are just....normal? They are so not preps! They're more into the dark side like me.

    Yeah! That would be cool! I would like to meet up you guys!
  • timothy4444 Newbie
    My fruends are sooooooooooooo awesome
  • rebekahgilman Novice
    (I apologize for just butting in to this conversation)
    My friends are crazy. My one from sent a napkin on fire, my other friend went down a hill in a wagon (then when she pushed me down, I fell out and she peed herself) And when you put them together, they bust lgkavanagh's drywall in her basement. True story, they also claim that they've "hopped the border" (they haven't don't worry), they said they've ridden buffalos because it lols them to sleep. Lemme see, someone's (l cough g cough kavanagh cough cough 'boyfriend' (cough cough brad cough) apparently screwed a lemonaid can, ("So has this lemonaid can"). There's the I hate Connor cause I'm American" Incident. The "Look, it bounces off of schmeid's head!" "Oh, oh, you don't know what to sa, ney ney zit zit" Then there's codenames. Squirrel, chipmunk, buffalo, giraffe, toaster, 4 square, monkey duck, veggie dip, and inside jokes, 22, wagon, sled.
    Wow, we are one crazy bunch!
  • teejay hira Newbie
    I am from Malaysia.My grandpa is from canada,my grandma is from Malaysia!I am also a little canadian.
  • Bambi Novice
    Half and half, always the best thing!
    My friend is English but her Dad is from New York and her mother is from Moscow, Russia and her grandma is from France and her grandpa is from Germany and her brother was born in Portugal.
    That's really multicultural!
  • Anastasia Novice
    Thats cool. Yeah I'm about half German. I'm also Irish, Italian, Czech and some other stuff I'm not sure about too.
  • Zacrocks02 Newbie
    Yeah. I'm actually what Anastasia is. I LIKE FILIPINAS LIKE RACHYKINS!
  • rachcab21 Newbie
    WE KNOW THAT ZAC! Stop with the nonsence! I had already said no! Stop cheating on Gabriella or I'll tell her! I know what you're doing and it's not gonna work!
  • Carri04 Novice
    HOLY CRAP REBEKAH!!! LOL and WTF AGAIN, I'm from Taiwan,live in canada full time and AWWWW THERES NO HOT TOPICS IN CANADA!

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