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Part 2 of " Beautiful Creatures ". Be sure to read part 1 before this one! Also this one is about you and Chase are asleep when you happen to be awoken by something..

Who do you like more? Do you like Dylan?: Your old best friend who you used to hang out with a lot and who is awesome and funny. or Chase?: The new mysterious guy who kissed you in the first one..

Created by: Darkangelz
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  1. You woke up to find yourself still asleep on his chest. " Eh I'm to comfy I'll just watch the sun rise rather than getting up" you think getting more situated. You stay up for a while watching the birds and sunrise. When you look over and start watching Chase sleep. Oh I have such a unusual lif-" you think but were interrupted by a car slamming below. " Chas-Chase!" you say frantically. He wakes up and says " Oh hey there ___ and gives you a flirty smile. " Who are they?" you ask him quickly, ignoring his smile.
  2. He looks quickly down and you and him see men dressed in black,when one says " Hello Chase and this new girl mmmhmm I assume is ___." "Stay away from her" Chase replies angrily. Then he grabs your arm and says " I need you to fly away right now. " "Ok Chase will you be ok?" You ask. " Yea,yes go now! " he says. You quickly unfold your wings and all the guys below you pull out guns. You run and jump off the branch then quickly fly away when you hear gunshots and realize Chase is flying below you, awkwardly.
  3. "Chase who were they and what's wrong?" You question. " Those were vampires, they are horrible murderers and let's just say we don't have a good history. Also uh they kinda shot me " he says. " What?!?! Chase? " Tears swell up in your eyes even though you just met him you are still about to cry. " You then quickly pull him into the forest up ahead.You help him take off his shirt then you rip off part of it and tie it around his waist,grossed out and scared for him by loss of his blood. He then grabs your hand awkwardly and you guys sit there. " Chase will you be alright?" You ask with a little tear in your eye. " ___, please stop worrying about me we are angels we heal faster than mortals, also you have healing powers.. try and use them on me? he asks. You think about healing but can't do it. " Clear your mind ___ stop worrying " Chase whispers. You follow his directions and then you feel a tingly feeling and look and his wound is gone.
  4. Thank you ___ so much, now we need to go so they don't find us. You and him spread your wings and shoot upward into the sky and soar high above the clouds. You fly past a hawk and the hawk screeches at you. " Soo will you tell me more about these people after us?" you ask. "There after you not me. Also there are many of them and they are 100% evil, they have murdered many people trying to find you." He replies. You feel really bad that people have died because of you but you assure yourself it't not your fault. "Tell me more about angels Chase?" you ask.
  5. "Well their are Dark and Light angels, Light angels like me usually have white wings(but I happen to have black) there powers are usually healing, beauty/handsome, they can control animals, and they control water and air. While dark angels" he continues.."can control the dead:like ghosts, they are usually very attractive to everybody -he blushes and smiles-, they can pursue almost anybody, they usually have black or brown wings, and they can control fire and some weather." he says out of breath. " Wow thats a lot. Sooo, what am I?" you wonder. " That's what makes you special, you are both of them and their has only been one other person who controls all of that and she is evil... remember the people who shot me? He asks. " yes of course" you say looking down. " Well they work for her, she wants you on her side so she can take your powers she can't control fire at all, and she has tried to take from other people but it doesn't work that way." he says getting quieter as he finishes saying it.
  6. "Well if she wants to take your powers we should start working on them so you can try and stop her." he says. " Oh cool! When?" Then he grabs your hand and you guys dive down to the earth so fast{your wings stuck close to your body}, somebody who saw you might think you are a meteor falling in the sky. You guys land on your feet though you kinda stumble. " Ok well lets begin, why don't we start out with controlling animals. Think about a animal and demand it to come here." he says looking straight at you. You think of a animal then Chase says " Oh " then he starts laughing quietly. You open your eyes and see a squirrel staring at you.
  7. "Hey I was thinking about a bird" you exclaim a little loud. Then you both start laughing. "Ok Clear your mind -he takes a deep breath and smiles at you- as you did before like with the healing, exept think of a animal this time. he says. You close your eyes and focus on a animal. Chase gasps and you open your eyes again. In front of you, you see a white wolf. "Yay I did it!" you say quietly but enthusiatically. "Hello Chase....___!" the wolf says. You are speechless then you glance at Chase and he gives you a embarassing smile back. "Oh.. did you think you summoned me? No, you didn't, sorry about that. You must remember me? he yells. Then the wolf turns into a human, a familiar one.
  8. "Dylan!" You say surprised then you run and give your friend a hug. Chase coughs and you stop hugging. "Wow! Your a wolf?" you ask. "Werewolf" he corrects, smiling at you. You guys decide to build a fire and sit around it talking. ****Time Forward to when you are sleeping in a branch and Dylan curled up on the ground in wolf form**** You wake up from a bad dream and fall out the tree. "Ahh!" you yell and you flip out your wings right before you hit the cold dark forest floor. Neither of the boys awake so you decide to go for a midnight fly. You are practicing flips and tricks in the air when you hear something, your side starts hurting badly then you start falling.. that's all you remember
  9. ****CHASE"S POINT OF VIEW(P.O.V) "Goodnight ___ " I say. "Goodnight Chase" she says in her beautiful angelic voice. I don't know why I like her she's just my type of girl and who gets to say their in love with a Dark and Light angel?! Ok well I fell asleep and woke to a gunshot---> I bolted straight out of the branch then fell off it and pulled out my wings and went to check if she was still sleeping on her branch.
  10. "Ah!" I yell then quickly swoop upwards to search the sky for ___. "Nooooo No no no no no!" I yell again frustrated. I hear a howling noise and know its Dylan trying to say something to me. He's a snotty kid who thinks he is all this from my point of view.. He loves ___ too, but I love her more. Ah, anyways right now I can't think looking for Dylan. Then I spot Dylan chasing a vehicle. "Fly wing-boy go get ___!"he yells to me over the howling dark wind.
  11. We chase the car for way to long then the car disappears randomly in thin air. " Damnit!,(Excuse my French but I"m angry) they must have a ghost in their car to make them invisible!" and now Dylan can't smell them because of the ghost too. I immediantly fall into tree branches and limbs and crash into the forest floor disappointed and unsure of what to do. Wait.. I think I might know where they took her......
  12. ****YOUR POINT OF VIEW(P.O.V.) You woke up in a dark moving vehicle or train or something moving. You scream " WHERE AM I?! " and bang on the walls but then a pain comes to your stomach and you look down and see bandages with blood leaking around them. You close your eyes and open them a while later(you passed out). You find yourself in a room that looks like your old bedroom kind of. You slowly get up but find it very painful and go back to lie down again. " Help me Chase, Dylan I'm so scared " you think super worried. TO BE CONTINUED..

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