Just Another "Who Will You Fall For?" Quiz

first off, I'd like to say, "Thank you so much for taking my quiz!" this quiz was based on a story I'm writing. I wanted to make those love quiz things. They were so much fun! I this is my first guiz so i hope you guys like it! Basically your best friends with a guy named Joseph. And yeah...two twins named Lucas and Jacob move in. will Lucas and Jacob screw up your friendship?

Characters: You: Anything you want to be! Joseph: Your best guy friend. Nice blonde hair, freckles, and has a girlfriend. He is very popular Lucas: Jacob's twin brother. Flippy dirty blond hair. More confident than Jacob. Lucas and Jacob are new to the school Jacob: Lucas' twin brother. He has Light brown longish hair with blonde streaks. He is shy and likes to hide off to unknown places. Teri: Joseph's currant girlfriend. She doesn't like you al all. Just because you are friends with the most popular guy in school doesn't mean she likes you.

Created by: Hazdam

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  1. You're walking toward Joseph's house. He says to you, "Hey _____! Ready to walk?" You say,
  2. You two start to walk. You're laughing and talking. Before you know it, you're both at the school. When you two are about to go into the school, Joseph's girlfriend grabbs his arm and pulls him away from you. "Bye ___! See you later!" You're thinking,
  3. As you enter class you see two very cute boys. They look much alike. You turn to your right. He introduces himself as Jacob. He seems very shy. You turn to your left and you see a boy that looks exactly like Jacob. his name is Lucas. He is so confident. While you are working a note flys on your desk. It's from Lucas. He asked you if you want to eat lunch with him! What are you thinking?
  4. Let's just say you say yes. After class, Joseph asks you if you want to eat lunch with him. You tell him, "No, I'm eating with the new kid, Lucas." He looks hurt. "Oh, okay, I'll just sit with Teri." (his girlfriend). He doesn't talk to you at all during the period.
  5. At lunch you wait for Lucas. He's running quite late.
  6. Lucas finally comes. You ask him what took him so long. He says, "Oh, I was just lost. Sorry" You tell him,
  7. With what ever you said, he escorts you to a table. You tell him about your family and school. While your telling your story, he yawns! Your thinking...
  8. When you're done your story, he tells you haw pretty you are. "You are so pretty. The girls in Boston are nice, but your eyes are beautiful! Um.. can i tell you something?" "Sure" you say. " When I tell you this, do you promise not to tell Jacob?" You nod. "Well I've know you for less than one day and, well..."
  9. So! How are you liking my quiz so far? I'll make a part 2 if the commenting goes well!
  10. So who are you crushing on so far?

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