Which Fall Out Boy is your boy?

take this quiz to see which member of fall out boy would be your perfect guy!i made this quiz because i love taking quizzes like this they are so much fun. every time i take a quiz like this, i always get patrick, i hope you get the guy you want!

i put alot of thought into this quiz so have fun, i made it really easy so it shouldnt be to hard!and i chose to do this quiz on fall out boy because they are my absolute favorite band ever!

Created by: ashland of myspace.com
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  1. Where would he take you for a date?
  2. what is the best feature on a guy
  3. You're looking for a guy who's...
  4. Where will your first kiss be?
  5. What do you like better?
  6. Where will your first time be?
  7. How does he treat you?
  8. Whats something you two do alot?
  9. Choose an instrument
  10. One word....GuyLiner

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Quiz topic: Which Fall Out Boy is my boy?