do you think you know fall out boy

if you think you know fall out boy then come take this quiz it will tell you it is a wonderfulness of a quiz........i LOVE fall out boy and i wanted to make a quiz for people who love them too!!!

YAY!!! a fall out boy quiz also known as the best band in the world quiz...anyway take this quiz if you love fall out boy because it askes you QUESTIONS about them that you should know if you truly love them

Created by: stacy

  1. Is fall out boy your favorite band?
  2. Who is the hottest in the band??
  3. What is there first album called?
  4. The band has had many different ________but this one is staying/has made it the longest?? (fill in the blank)
  5. What is joe's full name??
  6. how many of their CDS do you have (not including burnt ones)
  7. Do you think you no fall out boy??
  8. Who is jewish in the band?
  9. When is Pete's birthday
  10. Who is the oldest in the band
  11. Who is a hotter lead singer?? (some are from other bands)
  12. Why did you take this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I think you know fall out boy