How well do you know Fall Out Boy

Many people enjoy the music of pop-punk band Fall Out Boy, but few people really know them. They go about their lives, blissfully unaware that there are many things they do not know about Fall Out Boy.

Do you know Fall Out Boy? Many people think that, but have never really known. Thanks to this amazing quiz, you can truly know how well you know Fall Out Boy.

Created by: kyky

  1. How many people make up Fall Out Boy?
  2. Who is the guitarist of Fall Out Boy?
  3. How many albums have Fall Out Boy released?
  4. Fill in the blank. Patrick was originally going to be the ___________, but ended up being the ___________.
  5. Which of these is actually one of Fall Out Boy's albums?
  6. How many songs are on Fall Out Boy's newest CD?
  7. Fall Out Boy recently toured with...
  8. Patrick was born on...
  9. The band is originally from...
  10. Choose the song that is NOT sung by Fall Out Boy.
  11. What was one band that Pete was in before Fall Out Boy?
  12. In which store did Joe meet Patrick?
  13. What is Andy's favorite drink?
  14. What is Patrick's dog's name?
  15. How well do you think you know Fall Out Boy?

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