When It Happens Again Part 1

Hazzizzle here. Previously known as Hazdam. Due to a change of heart, a name change was required. This is a typical "Who Will You Fall For" quiz. My last quiz was based on a story I've been writing, but I made it into a piece of poop. Most of the points in the quiz were'nt even in the story. Haha. So here's a remake. I promise this'll be more detailed and longer. I hope you enjoy this one much more better.

I bet you wanna know what the guys look like, Well, don't you know that beauty isn't only skin deep? Haha just kidding. Copy and paste the following links and there you go! I'll bring you to my blog. That's where the descriptions are. Be sure to erase the spaces. Joseph: www. hazelgracecavida. tumblr. com/Joseph Lucas: www. hazelgracecavida. tumblr. com/ Lucas Jacob: www. hazelgracecavida. tumblr. com/Jacob If the links don't work, tell me. Have fun!

Created by: Hazzizzle

  1. [Hey, before we start, I gotta recommend something. You should probably read the guy's descriptions. Because of the lazy person I am, the only place where you'll see full descriptions is in those links. It'll help you understand better. So, yeah. Go read them. ^_^]
  2. Walking over the hill, your sun dress dances softly around your legs. You try to hide the smile that has overcome your face when you see him, but you can tell he's doing the same. He's sitting on the front door steps. He stands and asks, "Let's go?" His blue eyes sparkle as you reply with a smile, "Let's." As you walk to school, a sly grin slips onto his face. He give you a gentle hip-check. Laughing, you give one back and tell him, "You're such a good friend, Jo." You're not looking at him, but you can tell an even bigger smile just took over his face.
  3. When you both arrive at school, Joesph is suddenly not by your side anymore. "Com'n, Joey. I have someone you just HAVE to meet!" you hear squeal behind you. Turning around, you see Teri, Joesph's girlfriend, dragging him behind her. He gives you a playful smile and disappears in the crowd. Frowning, you trudge to homeroom.
  4. Enter in the classroom, you stop dead. Sitting on opposite sides of your desk, are two insanely cute boys whom you've never seen before. One boy really open and enthusiastic and is the center of attention. The other boy in the opposite. He's hunched over his desk scribbling in a notebook. He looks like he doesn't want anything to do with anyone else.
  5. You try walking over to your desk without bringing any attention to you. Thinking you've succeeded, a teasing voice pops up. "Well, hello there," he says, "I was wondering who sat here." You look to your left. Sitting there is the talkative guy. The first thing that catches your attention about him is his eyes. A bright glass green color. They're so bright, it's not even possible.
  6. "I'm Lucas," he says as you sit down, "That's my twin brother, Jacob." You turn to look. He's still hunched over that notebook. You try ignoring Lucas blabbering away, so you just wait for the bell to ring to signal your freedom of him. You feel a tap on your shoulder. Your eyes widen and your cheeks flush red.
  7. "Is it just the lighting, or do you always blush like that?" The whole room erupts with laughter. "Shut up, Lucas," says a quiet voice. The laughter dies down and everyone turns to Jacob. Now you see his forest green eyes. You feel like you could be lost in them forever. "Whatever," huffs Lucas. The bell rings and you try to thank Jacob for defending you. You open your mouth, still looking in his eyes, but he leaves automatically.
  8. Cocking your head to the side, you shrug and walk out the door. You go to your locker and grab your books for your next class. Slamming it closed, Lucas is standing there. "Hey," he says with a dazzling smile. You pretend not to see him, and you shuffle away. "Wait," he calls grabbing your hand, "You're not mad at me for that stupid joke I pulled, are you?" You shake your head, still not looking at him. "But you're annoyed by me," he laughs.
  9. You've made to mistake of laughing at him and looking at him. His bright green eyes sparkle. "Wanna have lunch together?" he asks. You're arms being to tingle. You always have lunch with Joseph. But there's something pulling you in. "Uh, sure..." you stammer. Not realizing you've forgotten about Joesph, you scramble to your next class.
  10. "We still on for lunch?" Joseph asks as you examine a specimen. His eyes shine so brightly you feel guilty for eating lunch with Lucas. You just want to tell him that you're going home for lunch, but that would make you feel even worse for lying to him. You look away. "_____? Are you okay?" he asks trying to look at you.
  11. "I'm...I..." you start. You can feel his stare digging into you. "I'm having lunch with Lucas." you stammer. You feel Joseph tense up beside you. The bell rings, but you stay seated. You look up, but Joseph has already left.
  12. Shaking your head, you gather your things and rush off to your next class. No one else in is the hallway and you can already tell you're late. You don't pay attention to your surroundings and bump in to another student.
  13. Your so pissed off at yourself, you don't even care. Your on the ground, but the person you ran into just stands up. From the ground you notice his forest green eyes. He gently takes your hand to help you up, gathers your books, hands them to you and walks away without a word.

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