one direction: love story #1

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Ok its a love story about 1D read it please it pretty good if i say so my self anywho if you like it you do if you not you dont ok bye peoples pandas rock

So pandas iz awesomness ok read the story its pretty awesomness to but not az awesomness az pandas lol i also like pienguins alot 2 lol black and white animals weird!!

Created by: panda101

  1. You need to be a girl for this quiz unless your gay!!! LOL jk
  2. Ok you are a 17 year old moving to great britain you have to move because your parrents got a divorce... you have pretty blonde hair and green eyes you are gonna miss the U.S. so much and your best friend Marie she iz a ginger.... scary!!
  3. So you and your mom are about to walk abourd the plane you are really gonna miss the U.S. " come on honey we need to find our seats" ur mom said so you find your seat and there is this really fat guy in the window seat! " dangit stupid fat guy!" You mutter to ur self
  4. So you sit down and eventuly fall asleep listening to you dont know ur beautiful you wake up and decide to go use the tiolet since the fat guy was sweating ALOT!!
  5. So you stand there waiting and you funnally knock on the door and some girl says " be out in a minute!" Ugh and i really gotta pee! So finally the door opens up and this really pretty girl comes out and says " hi i am ashley" and you say " hi i am ___" "ok see you around" finally you think she couldnt have taking longer to put on dam makeup but you go into the bathroom and look in the mirror and think i may not be AS pretty but i am gorgeous if i say so my self then feeling alittle silly
  6. So you do your bidness inthe bathroomz and so go back and fall back asleep thinking about pandas and one direction cause you love them **!LATER!** you waz awakened by q jerk then you ninja chopped somebody and you relized it was your mom " hey honey finally your awake we need to get our stuff we just landed"
  7. So you both get in a taxi with your luggage and ypur mom squeals " our house is awesomness" so you look out the window and after like 20 minutes your mom says "stop here" you look at this HUGE hous its whit and at least 2 stories high then you think its only for me and your mom
  8. You see everything is white!!! So you run up stairs you see the bathroom and finAlly your room you know its your because you asked your mom to decorate it green, blue, and yellow your favorite colors you have a big flatscreen with a white desk
  9. So you look around the room and see this other door you open it and its a closet its all most emptiy exept for one shirt dangling the you look at it and its a 1D shirt you want to wear it tomorrow so you can wear it longer!! :D
  10. So you go strait to bed and dont care what time it is hping to see one direction out tomorrow hopfully you get into bed and fall strait asleep! And dream about one direction and unicorns and fling peinguins!!!
  11. I am sorry if this one wasnt the best the next one will be a hundred times better hopefully!!

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