A Jacob Black Love Story Part 2

This is a love story between Jacob and Bella that could have happened if she didn't like Edward, which you don't in this series. It's like the book except with Jacob as your main love interest.

So if you're Team Jacob, you will definitely love this. It's the romantic connection that I made up between you(Bella) and Jacob. I'm sure you'll love it almost as much as I love Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black. :P

Created by: NicoleMS
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  1. Welcome to part 2 of my quiz-story! Like I said in the first, this is a new New Moon story. Enjoy!!
  2. It's been a few weeks since you've seen Jacob and you're really worried. He hasn't been answering your calls and Billy black keeps saying he's really sick. So you decide to head down to La Push to see him. And to your astonishment, he's outside in the pouring rain. But he's completely different. He's cut off his hair, has a tattoo, and is really fit. You get out and run over to him. "Jake?!" You holler over the rain and stop in front of him. It's him. He stops but doesn't reply. Isn't he cold?! "Jake what happened to you?!" "Bella, you have to go." He says. "What?" You ask. "Go." He says. Your heart breaks. "Why?! What did I do?" Then you stomp off back to your truck and drive off.
  3. When you get home you see that your dad isn't back yet. You go into the kitchen and make yourself some ice cream and sit on the coach in your living room. You try to hold back the tears as you wonder why Jacob was so rude to you. Suddenly someone knocks and the door and comes in. It's Jake. "I'm sorry." He says. That's all you need to hear.
  4. You get up and give him a big hug. He's so much stronger now! And warm. When you pull back there's only a little space between the two of you. All of a sudden your mind gets blurry and you can only think of Jake. He leans in and you close your eyes and feel butterflies in your stomach. But there's a knock at the door and mutter a curse under your breath.
  5. It's Jessica. "Oh, hey Jess." You say and let her in. You look at Jacob who looks upset and angry at Jess. You touch his arm and smile at him, which causes his face to light up. You smirk and roll your eyes before focusing on Jess. "So I wanted to know if you and I could go shopping tomorrow for the dance?" She says, paying no mind to Jake. "Uhh, sure. What time?" "After school, see ya!" She gives you an air kiss and runs out the door.
  6. Jake gives you a weird look and smirks. "So, Bella..." You smile and walk up to him and kiss his cheek. "Wanna watch a movie?" You ask. He looks shocked for a second then smiles. You take his hand and put on a scary movie, then sit next to him on the couch. He puts an arm around your waist and you snuggle up to him.
  7. *Time skip* Jacob went home after the movie and you go to school the next day. So when it comes time for dress shopping with Jess, your daydreaming of:
  8. First Jessica tries on a purple knee length dress with violet flowers. "Too flowery." She says and tries on the next. It's a very tight, red knee length no strap dress. "Too tight." She says and picks out another. It's a blue, knee length and puffy dress. "Too puffy." She tries on about five more dresses before finally deciding on a pink, knee length one strap dress. Then you pick out a dress:
  9. Afterward you decide to take a walk in the woods. You find a big meadow with lots of flowers and sigh. "This is beautiful." Then a HUGE brown and black wolf comes out of the tress. You gulp and keep as still as you can. It comes over and nudges your hand. You slowly pet it and it looks into your eyes. It reminds you of Jacob somehow, though. "You remind me of my friend." You say and scratch behind its ears. "You'd like him. He's nice, and sweet, and cute." Then you whisper to it. "And maybe even my future boyfriend." It perks up and licks you. You laugh before it runs off. You sigh and lay down in the meadow. A few minutes later someone calls your name.
  10. "Bella?" You sit up and see Jacob. "Hey." You greet. "Hey." He sits next to you and nudges your hand. You laugh. "Why'd you do that?" He smiles and perks up. He's acting a lot like that wolf... Then out of nowhere he jumps on all fours. You crack up. "Did you see me with the wolf or something?" "You mean the one that you called me your future boyfriend to?" Your eyes bulge. "How did you hear that?! I could hardly hear Myself say it!" He gets really close to you. "You were too busy stroking me to even realize." Oh no... Edward was right!
  11. "Yes, I was that wolf." He says and gets really close to your face. You stare into his eyes and notice they're exactly the same the wolf's. And easy to get lost in. The butterflies are back and you believe him. "Your a werewolf." You say. "Edward wasn't kidding." You mutter. He suddenly steps back. "Edward Cullen told you I'm a werewolf?" He asks. You nod. "That was another reason he was freaking me out." You get close to Jake again. "But you don't scare me." You lean in and kiss him quick, then stare into his eyes.
  12. Suddenly you guys hear rustling in the trees and Jacob grabs you and puts you behind him. "What's wrong?" You ask, scared. Jacob stares into the trees. "Vampires."
  14. Teaser: "Well, what do we have here? A male werewolf and a human girl?" The black guy says. "How cute." The girl says sarcastically and dangerously. The shirtless white guy is starring at me with those vicious red eyes. Jacob's grip on me tightens protectively.
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